May 24, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Earth and Environmental Sciences Minor

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The minor in Earth & Environmental Sciences (EES) is designed for students wishing to explore the geosciences as part of career enhancement or personal development. The goals of the minor in EES are to provide undergraduate students with:

  1. An awareness of the scientific aspects of the world’s environmental problems and paths toward sustainable solutions,
  2. A background for environmentally related careers in business, education, law, policy, or research,
  3. Preparation for graduate study.

The minor provides students with a framework for understanding the Earth’s natural science systems and the environmental forces that influence populations and society. Students will gain knowledge of fundamental concepts in the physical, life, and interdisciplinary natural sciences that inform society about the environment in which we live. Graduates might combine the minor with a wide range of majors in the arts, humanities, social sciences, or education. Graduation with the minor equips students with excellent background for entry-level professional employment in areas such as environmental consulting, ecosystem management, private and nongovernmental science agencies, science journalism, environmental education, and environmental law.

Program highlights:

  • Required courses (18 credits) can be completed during the expected 8 semesters while fulfilling their major.
  • Applied science skills and industry-standard software training implemented into courses to teach students real-world investigations and interpretations.
  • Field-based training and research using modern mapping and investigative instruments.
  • Local and regional field trips to learn environmental science principals in real-world context.
  • Modern laboratory and field equipment.
  • Professional development opportunities through national societies and organizations.


  1. a minimum of 18 credits of EES courses
  2. courses must be 200 level or above
  3. minimum grade of 2.0 in courses toward minor
  4. completion of a “Declaration of Minor” form

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