May 24, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Computer Science Major, B.S.

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Total minimum number of credits required for a major in Computer Science leading to the B.S. degree - 120.

The Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science offers a program study leading to the B.A. or B.S degree with a major in Computer Science. Interested students may also pursue Computer Science as a minor area of study.

Computer Science Major

The Computer Science curriculum consists of theoretical as well as application-oriented courses and is based on a strong foundation in mathematics. The B.A. degree is intended for those interested in management and social sciences, whereas the B.S. degree requires greater concentration in the engineering, natural, and physical sciences. The Computer Science prepares students for graduate study and research in the discipline or for employment in government or industry. Students are encouraged, through the pursuit of a minor or second major, to acquire competence in an area that lends itself to meaningful computer applications.

Because certain required and elective courses are offered in either alternative semesters or alternative years, or when demand warrants, degree candidates are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisors on a regular basis to discuss their academic schedule to ensure satisfactory progress toward the degree.

Computer Science Major - Required Courses and Recommended Course Sequence

First Semester

Total Credits: 14-15

Second Semester

Total Credits: 15-16

Third Semester

Total Credits: 16-17

Fourth Semester

Total Credits: 16

Fifth Semester

Total Credits: 16-17

Sixth Semester

Total Credits: 14-17

Seventh Semester

Total Credits: 15

Eighth Semester

  • Free Electives Credits: 13

Total Credits: 13

Total Credits: 120

Science Electives for Computer Science Majors

Computer Science Electives for Computer Science Majors

CS 319  or CS 323  or CS 327  and three additional 300-level CS courses not listed as a required course excluding CS 399 .

Summary of the Minimum Credit Distribution for the Major in Computer Science:

B.A. and B.S.

CS Electives 9 Credits

Total Minimum Number of Credits Required for Degree Completion 120

Summary of the Minimum Credit Distribution for the Major in Computer Science - 120

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