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2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Financial Matters: Tuition and Fees

Tuition, Fees, Room and Board

Student Expenses for 2022-2023

The following chart summarizes student expenses for the 2022-23 academic year, which officially begins with the Summer Session, 2022. Students are referred to the course descriptions in this bulletin for laboratory and other fees associated with specific courses. Inquiries about particular charges should be addressed to the Bursar’s Office.

Full-time Undergraduate Tuition & Fees Assessment Per Semester Annual Total
Tuition (12 - 18 credits)* Per semester $19,567.00 $39,134.00
General University Fee Per semester $529.00 $1,058.00
Technology Fee Per semester $203.00 $406.00
Student Union Fee Per semester $38.00 $76.00
Recreation Fee Per semester $43.00 $86.00
Student Activity Fee (Fund 1188) Per semester $176.00 $352.00
Accelerated - Nursing FT (New) (All Terms) Per semester $19,567.00 $39,134.00
Accelerated - Nursing FT (Returning) (All Terms) Per semester $18,997.00 $37,994.00
IEP - Intensive English Program Per semester $4,999.00 $9,998.00
Total Full-time Undergraduate Tuition & Fees: $20,556.00 $41,112.00


School of Pharmacy First Professional Tuition & Fees Assessment Per Semester Annual Total
Tuition (12-18 credits)* Per Semester $20,912.00 $40,606.00
General University Fee Per Semester $518.00 $1,036.00
Technology Fee Per Semester $198.00 $396.00
Student Union Fee Per Semester $37.00 $74.00
Recreation Fee-Full Time Undergrads Per Semester $42.00 $84.00
Student Activity Fee Per Semester $173.00 $346.00
Total First Professional Tuition & Fees (per Semester): Per Semester $21,880.00 $43,760.00
P 4’s Fee Discount (Student Union/Recreation/Activity) Per Semester $252.00 $504.00
Pharmacy Professional Fees Per Semester    
Professional Fee - P1 Per Semester $700.00 $1,400.00
Professional Fee - P2 Per Semester $700.00 $1,400.00
Professional Fee - P3 Per Semester $700.00 $1,400.00
Professional Fee - P4 Per Semester $700.00 $1,400.00
Total School of Pharmacy First Professional Tuition & Fees: $21,243.00* $42,486.00*
*Plus the applicable P1 - P4 fees listed above.


Part-time Undergraduate Tuition & Fees Assessment Rate
Summer Study (all sessions) Credit hour $530.00
Fall & Spring Sessions (1 - 11 credit hours) Credit hour $1,088.00
Intersession Credit hour $530.00
Excess Credit Hours Credit hour $1,088.00
Pharmacy Overload Excess Credit Hours Credit hour $1,162.00
Accelerated BBA Degree (Beginning Fall 2021) Credit hour $422.00
Accelerated BBA Course Fee Credit hour $50.00
General University Fee Credit hour $43.00
Technology Fee Credit hour $43.00
Off Campus - Nursing PT (Detail Code TP3X) Credit hour $675.00
IEP Technology Fee Semester $100.00
NEW IEP Activity Fee Semester $100.00


Other Mandatory Fees    
Applied Music Fees @ $400 per credit
  • 1 credit (14 30-minute private lessons)
  • 2 credits (14 60-minute private lessons)

Credit hour
Credit hour

Musical Theater Major Fee Semester $75.00
Graduation Fee One time $170.00
Graduation Fee (Late)   $340.00
Matriculation Fee One time $135.00
Undergraduate Application & Admission Fees    
Undergraduate Application One time $40.00
Online Application One time $20.00
Online Transfer Admission One time $20.00
Online International Undergraduate One time $40.00
Online Freshman Admission One time $20.00


Miscellaneous University Fees Assessment Rate
Acceptance Tuition Deposit One time $300.00
Challenge Examinations Credit hour $90.00
Disciplinary Fine Each $200.00
Miller Analogies Testing Fee Per semester $60.00
ERI Test Packaging Semester $60.00
Health Care Charge Semester $10.00
Insurance Late Fee Semester $24.00
Parking Fees and Fines:    
Parking Fee Per semester $120.00
Parking Fee (Summer) Per Month $10.00
Ralston Field Parking Per semester $40.00
Parking Tickets Each $25.00
Handicap Violation Parking Ticket Each $50.00
Lost Parking Tag on campus Per semester $120 maximum*
Storage Fee Per day $50.00
Towing Fee Each $175.00
Replacement of Lost ID Card Each $30.00
Returned Check Charge Each $50.00
Study Abroad Per semester $75.00
Transcript/Verification (same day) Each $20.00
Transcript Fee Each $15.00
Transcript Surcharge (FAX) Each $20.00
*Lost parking tag fee decreases by 25% each month after the first two weeks of the semester.    


Exceptions Assessment Rate
Senior Citizens Discount (62 and older) all attached fees full price Per Credit $544.00
Senior Citizens Discount (62 and older) Per Credit $20.00
Summer Co-op and Internship* all attached fees full price Per Credit $544.00
Audit Courses Per Credit $544.00
Young Scholars Credit Hour $50.00
Lehigh Valley UG Nursing Per Credit $410.00
LCCC Tuition (general fee only) Per Credit $86.00
Elementary Early Childhood Pathway Program Per Credit $510.00
ED 398 Information Technology for Schools Per Credit $422.00
ED 398 Analyze/Present School Business Data/Statistics Per Credit $422.00
ED 398 Optimizing School Support Operations Per Credit $422.00
ED 398 Strategic Decision Making for School Business Per Credit $422.00


Residence Hall Rates Assessment Per Semester
Residence Hall-Dorm Style (Double/Triple) Per semester $4,793.00
Residence Hall-Single Room or Efficiency Per semester $5,040.00
Residence Hall-Rifkin Per semester $5,058.00
Residence Hall-Apartment Style (Towers) Per semester $5,316.00
Residence Hall - Premium Apartment Per semester $5,572.00
Summer Room Rent (Includes Upward Bound/Creative Writing) Per week $280.00
Residence Hall Assistant Room Rate (Same as Single Room rate) Semester $5,040.00
Administrative Fee   $300.00


Meal Plans Assessment Per Semester
Colonel Blue Per semester $2,687.00
Colonel Blue Plus Per semester $2,787,.00
Colonel Blue Premier Per semester $2,937.00
Colonel Gold Per semester $3,082.00
Colonel Gold Plus Per semester $3,132.00
Colonel Gold Premier Per semester $3,282.00
Senior Plan Per semester $1,304.00
Commuter 60 Meal Plan + $100 flex dollars Per request $636.00
Department 50 Meal Plan Per request $350.00
Summer Meal Plans:    
Creative Writing: 10-Meal Block & Residency Meals Per week $250.00

Financial Aid

At Wilkes University, financial assistance is a vehicle to help all students achieve their educational goals. Although the student and family are primarily responsible for financing the educational process, we’re here to offer additional resources to make a Wilkes University education affordable. There are various scholarship and need-based University funds in addition to assistance from the Federal Department of Education and in some cases, the state of Pennsylvania. If it is your first time applying for financial aid or you’ve worked with us before, it is our pleasure to help you in any way we can. Please note the information included in this bulletin is just a basic guide and www.wilkes.edu includes more information regarding the Office of Student Financial Services.

Financial Aid Application Procedure

At Wilkes University, we ask students and families to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if they are interested in being considered for any of the following programs:

  1. Wilkes University need- based grants
  2. Federal grant programs
  3. PA state grant programs
  4. Federal work-study
  5. Federal student loan programs

Completing the FAFSA
Typically, you must meet the following requirements before applying for financial aid through the Department of Education (studentaid.gov):

  • Looking to enter or continue education in a degree-seeking program
  • Be a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • Register with Selective Service, if a male at least 18 years of age
  • Not be in default on a loan made under any Title IV, HEA loan program or owe a repayment on any Title IV funds
  • Be registered for the appropriate number of credits for the semester in which you are applying for financial aid
  • Have a valid social security number or alien registration card

Note: Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for federal or state financial assistance.

Students can begin to the file the FAFSA on or after October 1 proceeding the year they are seeking financial aid. For example, students looking to attend for the 2022-2023 academic year could file the FAFSA on or after October 1, 2021.

Financial Aid for Part-time Students

The federal Pell Grant, PA. State Grant, federal Direct Student Loan, and the federal Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (Direct PLUS Loan) are available to part-time students. Interested students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the appropriate loan applications in order to apply for these programs. In addition to financial need, eligibility is based on enrollment status. Except for the federal Pell Grant program, students must be enrolled at least half-time to qualify for financial aid. In addition, there are various private educational loans available to part-time students. Contact the Student Financial Services Office for more information.

Financial Aid for Pharmacy Students in Years Five and Six

Years five and six of the Pharmacy program entail coursework that is considered to be at the post-baccalaureate level. For financial aid purposes, this means that in years five and six of the program, you are identified as a “professional or graduate level student”. Students enrolled at this level of study in the Pharmacy program are independent for financial aid purposes and only qualify for financial aid available to graduate and professional students. Typically, this financial aid includes the federal unsubsidized Direct Loan (with an annual loan maximum of $33,000), Graduate Direct PLUS Loan (after the student has used his/her unsubsidized loan eligibility for the year), and private loans. Currently enrolled fifth and sixth year Pharmacy students do not qualify for any federal, state, or institutional grants or scholarships. However, effective with the class entering their freshman year at the University in the fall of 2022, academically successful Pharmacy students will retain 30% of their merit-based scholarship, per year, in the final two years of the professional program.

Financial Aid for Students Seeking a Second Degree

Students seeking a second degree may be eligible for the federal Direct Loan program. In addition, if enrolled on a full time basis, students seeking a second degree may qualify for Wilkes University need-based grants.

In many cases, seeking a second degree does not mean a student is now independent for financial aid purposes. A particular section of the FAFSA determines dependency status for aid purposes. Additional information is available from the Office of Student Financial Services.


Students who are offered Wilkes University scholarships will be eligible to receive them each academic year provided the student is making satisfactory academic progress. They are divided evenly between the fall and spring semesters (unless otherwise stated) and are not available at the graduate level for non-Pharmacy students. Students who will complete their undergraduate degree in less than 4 years (or 8 academic semesters which are comprised of fall and spring) will then forfeit the remainder of any scholarships funds offered during the admission and/or financial aid process. Scholarships will not exceed ½ of the annual amount offered when it is allocated in one semester.


  • All students applying for federal, state, and Wilkes grants must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • The FAFSA must be submitted for each academic year that the student would like to be considered for grants.
  • For a complete listing of grants offered through the federal and state governments and by Wilkes University, please visit www.wilkes.edu.

Private/Outside Scholarships

If the student anticipates receipt of a private/outside scholarship that is not already listed on the invoice and/or the financial aid information on the student portal, the student should provide the information to the Bursar’s Office immediately. Please note that Wilkes University reserves the right to adjust Wilkes University funds based upon the amount of the scholarship regardless of the timing of the notification.


  • All students applying for federal loans must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • For a complete listing of all the federal loan programs, please visit www.wilkes.edu or studentaid.gov for more information.

Private Educational Loans

If you already have a relationship with a bank or lending agency, please feel free to explore that option. Students and families who wish to explore alternative loan options can do so at www.elmselect.com. Wilkes University does not endorse any particular outside lender but does provide information through Elm Select of lenders that families have used in the past plus other companies that can offer financial assistance.

Student Employment

  • All students applying for federal and state work-study programs must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA).
  • When a student participates in the federal or state work-study program, he/she will receive a paycheck for hours work. These funds are not deducted from the student’s balance due to the University.
  • For all student employment opportunities available, please visit www.wilkes.edu.

Veterans’ Assistance (VA) Programs

Interested persons should contact the Student Financial Services Office and/or their local VA Office to obtain information concerning GI Education Assistance, Veterans Education Programs, Veterans Rehabilitation, Veteran Educational Loans, the Veteran Work-Study Program, and other sources of veterans’ assistance. Wilkes University is a participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. For details about this special program, go to: https://wilkes.edu/admissions/financial-aid/yellow-ribbon-program-for-veterans

Withdrawal – Return of Financial Aid Funds

The Return to Title IV Funds (R2T4) policy applies to any student who receives federal financial aid, begins classes, and subsequently either withdraws from the courses the student was scheduled to complete or receives all failing grades because the student ceases enrollment at some point during the semester but neglects to complete the formal withdrawal process (known as an unearned “F”) during a semester or payment period. When a student withdraws from his/her courses for any reason including medical withdrawals, he/she may no longer be eligible for the full amount of Title IV funds the student was originally scheduled to receive. Wilkes University follows the federally prescribed policies and procedures for calculating whether the student has earned all or a portion of their federal financial aid.

Once the amount of the federal funds to be returned to the Department of Education has been calculated, the funds will be returned in the following order:

  • Unsubsidized Direct Loans
  • Subsidized Direct Loans
  • Nursing Loans
  • PLUS Loans (Parent)
  • Pell Grant
  • Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

Pennsylvania and other state grants will be adjusted in accordance with the agency’s stated guidelines.

Wilkes University grant and scholarship funds will be adjusted based on the percentage of reduction of tuition received by a student when withdrawing from the University.

Please note that students who receive a refund of financial aid prior to withdrawing from the University may owe a repayment of federal financial aid funds received. Students will be contacted by the Office of Student Accounts in such situations and will be given30 days to repay the funds to the University. Students who fail to return the unearned portion of federal financial aid funds given to them will become ineligible for continued receipt of financial aid until such time as there payment is made.

Payment Options

Payment Options

Wilkes requires that all students obtain financial clearance no later than two weeks prior to the start of the semester by doing one of the following:

  1. Pay your bill in full
  2. Have a financial aid award that covers your balance
  3. Enroll in the online payment plan
  4. Have a third-party payor or an employer tuition deferment form submitted.

Payments can be made in the following manners:

  1. Cash, Credit Card or Check Payment can be made at the Bursar’s Office located in Miller Hall during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm) or payments may be mailed to:
    Wilkes University - Student Lockbox
    P.O. Box 824696
    Philadelphia, PA 19182-4696
  2. Electronic Check and Credit Card Payments can also be made on the student portal at portal.wilkes.edu. Enter your user name and password. Select “Student Services” and follow the remaining prompts. A password should be assigned by the time the bill is due; if, however, a password has not been issued, please call the Help Desk at 1-800-WILKES-U ext 4357.

Wilkes University accepts credit or debit cards with MasterCard, Discover, Visa, American Express.

Financial aid shown on the tuition bill will be applied to the account balance.

Promissory Notes for Federal-, Perkins loan, Wilkes Nursing Loan, Rulison Evans Loan , and Blue and Gold Loan are signed electronically at www.signmyloan.com. You will be notified by e-mail when the Promissory Notes are available for signature.

Please Note: Students who fail to pay all indebtedness to the University shall not be permitted to receive any degree, certificate, transcript or grades.

Pricing Schedule

Tuition & Fees

Pricing Schedule Cross Listed Courses 2022-2023
Tuition/Fee Description    
Creative Writing Fees    
Application Fee - Creative Writing Program   $35
Thesis Reader Fee - Creative Writing Program   $500
Acceptance Deposit - Creative Writing Program   $300
General University Fee - Creative Writing Program   $84
Residency Fee – CW501, CW510, CW516, CW616   $200
Other Mandatory Fees:    
Applied Performance Fee (1 credit MUS 100-400)   $350
Applied Performance Fee (2 credits MUS 100-400)   $700
Musical Theater Major Fee   $75
Graduation Fee   $170
Certificate Graduation Fee   $170
Graduation Fee Late Students   $340
Matriculation Fee   $135
Application Undergraduate   $40
Online Application Undergraduate   $20
Online Transfer Admission   $20
Online Graduate Admission   $35
Online Non-Degree, Graduate Ed   $35
Online International Undergraduate   $40
Online International Graduate   $65
Online Freshman Admission   $20
Application Graduate   $45
Miscellaneous University Fees:    
Acceptance Tuition Deposit   $300
Challenge Exams   $90 per credit hour
Disciplinary Fine   $200
ERI Test Packaging   $60
Health Care Charge   $10
Insurance Late Fee   $24
Lost Parking Tag on campus (prorated through semester)   $120 maximum*
Miller Analogies Testing Fee   $60
Parking Fee   $120
Parking Fee (Summer)   $10
Parking Tickets   $25 per occurance
Handicapped Parking Ticket   $50 per occurance
Ralston Field Parking   $40
Storage Fee (if vehicle is towed)   $50 per day
Towing Fee   $175 per occurance
Replace Lost ID Card   $30
Returned Check Charge   $50
Study Abroad   $75
Transcript / Verification - Same Day   $20
Transcript Fee   $15
Transcript Surcharge - FAX   $20
Music Majors waived overload if enrolled in ensemble course that are .5 and 1 credit courses.    
ROTC non-bill except for Wilkes full time student without AS course drops student down to part-time    
Pharmacy Summer Non-Bill    
*Lost parking tag fee decreases by 25% each month after the first two weeks of the semester.    
Laboratory Fees: (by Department)    
Art Department (LART)    
ART 101 Experiencing Art   $55
ART 111 Fundamentals of Color and Design   $55
ART 113 Drawing and Composition   $55
ART 120 Painting I   $55
ART 121 Printmaking   $55
ART 122 Sculpture   $55
ART 123 Ceramics   $55
ART 133 Photography   $55
ART 134 Computer Graphics I   $55
ART 138 Digital Photography   $55
ART 220 Painting II   $55
ART 234 Computer Graphics II   $55
ART 241 Women in Art   $35
ART 198/298/398 Topics   $55
Integrative Media, Art & Design (IMAD)    
IM 101 IM Foundations I   $35
IM 120 Foundations in Game Design   $55
IM 201 IM Foundations II   $55
IM 210 Introduction to Game Development   $55
IM 301 IM Principles of Motion and Layering   $55
IM 302 IM Principles of Interactivity   $55
IM 303 Advanced Principles of Interactivity   $55
IM 304 2D App Development   $55
IM 310 Advanced Game Development   $55
IM 320 IM Concept Dev. And Practices   $55
IM 330 Virtual Environments and Emergent Technology   $55
IM 341 Cross Media Typography II   $55
IM 350 3D Environments & Animation   $55
IM 351 3D Environments & Animation II   $55
IM 355 Digital Audio   $55
IM 368 3D Game Development   $55
IM 391 IM Project I   $55
IM 392 IM Project II   $55
IM 198/298/398 Topics   $55
IM 400 IM Portfolio Capstone   $55
Biology Department (LBIO)    
BIO 105 The Biological World (Fall Only)   $140
BIO 113 Microbiology   $140
BIO 115 Human Anatomy & Physiology   $140
BIO 116 Human Anatomy & Physiology   $140
BIO 121 Principles of Modern Biology I   $140
BIO 122 Principles of Modern Biology II   $140
BIO 225 Population & Evolutionary Biology   $140
BIO 226 Cellular & Molecular Biology   $140
BIO 254 Super Lab   $140
BIO 306 Invertebrate Biology   $140
BIO 311 Comparative Physiology   $140
BIO 312 Parasitology   $140
BIO 314 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy   $140
BIO 321 Mammalian Physiology   $140
BIO 323 Functional Histology   $140
BIO 324 Molecular Biology   $140
BIO 325 Endocrinology   $140
BIO 326 Immunology & Immunochemistry   $140
BIO 327 Medical Microbiology PHA 327 - Medical Microbiology $140
BIO 328 Developmental Biology   $140
BIO 341 Freshwater Ecosystems EES 341 Freshwater Ecosystems $140
BIO 342 The Archosaurs: Birds, Dinosaurs, and Crocodilians   $140
BIO 343 Marine Ecology EES 343 Marine Ecology $140
BIO 344 Ecology EES 344 Ecology $140
BIO 345 Genetics   $140
BIO 346 Animal Behavior   $140
BIO 347 Biostatistics & Experimental Design   $140
BIO 348 Field Zoology   $140
BIO 352 Pathopsysiology   $140
BIO 361 Plant Form and Function   $140
BIO 362 Plant Diversity   $140
BIO 363 Hemp Biology and Analysis PHA 462 Hemp Biology and Analysis $140
BIO 366 Field Botany EES 366 Field Botany $140
BIO 369 Plant Pathology   $140
BIO 391 Senior Projects I   $70
BIO 392 Senior Projects II   $125
BIO 394 Biological Field Study   $140
BioEngineering (LBEG)    
BEGR 415 3-D Modeling in Human Anatomy and Physiology   $140
BEGR 421 Biofluidics and Microfluidics   $140
BEGR 422 Biomedical Measurement Laboratory   $140
BEGR 424 Molecular Biology   $140
BEGR 426 Immunology and Immunochemistry   $140
BEGR 451 Mechatronics/Bioinstrumentation   $140
BEGR 474 Imaging in Biomedicine   $140
BEGR 488 Biomedical Devices and Design   $140
BEGR 501 Practicum in Synthetic Biol I   $140
BEGR 501 Practicum in Synthetic Biol II   $140
Civil Engineering (LENV)    
CE 233 Soil Mechanics Lab   $115
CE 327 Advanced Civil Engineering Graphics   $115
CE 391 Senior Projects I   $115
CE 392 Senior Projects II   $115
Chemistry Department (LCHM)    
CHM 111 Fundamentals of Chemistry Lab   $150
CHM 113 Elements and Compounds Lab   $150
CHM 114 Chemical Reaction   $150
CHM 117 Intro. Chemistry Lab for Engin   $150
CHM 233 Organic Chemistry I Lab   $150
CHM 234 Organic Chemistry II Lab   $150
CHM 237 Essentials of Organic Chemistry Lab   $150
CHM 246 Analytical Chemistry Lab   $150
CHM 258 Polymer Chemistry Lab   $150
CHM 261 Plant Sample Preparation for Chemical Analysis   $150
CHM 323 Adv Inorganic Chemistry   $150
CHM 343 Instrumental Methods…   $150
CHM 346 Advanced Separations Chemistry   $150
CHM 353 Physical Chemistry I Lab   $150
CHM 354 Physical Chemistry II Lab   $150
CHM 357 Physical Chem. For Life Sciences Lab   $150
CHM 363 Biochemistry Lab   $150
CHM 370 Integrated Lab I   $150
CHM 371 Integrated Lab II   $150
CHM 372 Integrated Lab III   $150
CHM 391 Senior Research I   $150
CHM 392 Senior Research II   $150
CHM 395 Independent Research   $150
CHM 396 Independent Research   $150
Communication Studies (LCOM)    
COM 222 Basic Video Production   $65
COM 262 Digital Storytelling   $65
COM 321 Advanced Multimedia Reporting   $65
COM 322 Advanced Video Production   $65
COM 323 Advanced Audio Production   $65
Computer Science (LCS)    
CS 125 Computer Science I   $50
CS 126 Computer Science II   $50
CS 225 Computer Science III   $50
CS 226 Computer Science IV   $50
CS 246 C and Unix   $50
CS 265 Medical Informatics   $50
CS 283 Web Development I   $50
CS 285 Mobile Applications   $50
CS 317 Software Integration   $50
CS 319 Principles of Programming Languages   $50
CS 321 Simulation and Data Analysis   $50
CS 323 Theory of Computation   $50
CS 324 Systems Analysis   $50
CS 325 Database Management   $50
CS 326 Operating System Principles   $50
CS 327 Compiler Design   $50
CS 328 Algorithms   $50
CS 330 Computer Architecture   $50
CS 334 Software Engineering   $50
CS 335 Data Science and Information Retrieval   $50
CS 340 Artificial Intelligence   $50
CS 350 Object-Oriented Programming   $50
CS 355 Computer Networks   $50
CS 363 Operations Research   $50
CS 366 3D Environments & Animation (LIMD) IM 350 3D Environments & Animation $55
CS 367 Computer Graphics   $50
CS 368 3D Game Development (LIMD) IM 368 3D Game Development $55
CS 383 Web Development II   $50
CS 391 Senior Projects I   $50
CS 392 Senior Projects II   $50
CS 428 Algorithms   $50
MTH 212 Multivariable Calculus   $50
MTH 361 Partial Differential Equations   $50
MTH 362 Advanced Calculus   $50
MTH 363 Operations Research   $50
MTH 365 Numerical Linear Algebra   $50
MTH 462 Advanced Calculus   $50
Education - Undergraduate    
ED 180 Educational Psychology (GAR) (Fall & Spring)   $40
ED 190 Effective Teaching Practices (Fall & Spring)   $40
EDSP 210 Teaching Students with Special Needs   $30
EDSP 225 Special Education Methodology I (Fall & Spring)   $40
EDSP 226 Special Education Methodology II (Fall & Spring)   $30
EDSP 227 Behavior Management(Spring)   $30
EDSP 263 Infants, Toddler, and Young Children with Special Needs   $30
ED 264 Child Development & Cognition - Classroom Application   $30
ED 300 Special Methods - Foreign Language (7-12)   $40
EDSP 302 Methods in Special Education(Graham Academy) (Fall)   $40
ED 321 Literacy Foundations I (Heights-Murray) (Fall)   $40
ED 322 Literacy Foundations II (Heights-Murray) (Spring)   $40
ED 330 Math for Elementary & Early Childhood (Heights-Murray) (Fall)   $40
ED 371 Special Methods Sciences (7-12) (Fall)   $40
ED 375 Middle & Secondary Education Methods (4-12) (Spring)   $40
ED 381 Middle & Secondary Social Studies Methods (4-12) (Fall)   $40
ED 385 Classroom Management (Fall & Spring)   $40
ED 390 Student Teaching With Seminar   $100
Education - EdD    
ED 615 INT Proseminar in Educational Leadership   $500
ED 615 HA1 Proseminar in Educational Leadership   $200
ED 615 HA2 Proseminar in Educational Leadership   $200
ED 615 HA3 Proseminar in Educational Leadership   $200
ED 629 INT Proseminar in Educational Leadership   $500
ED 629 HA1 Strategic Planning for Public and Non-profit Organizations   $200
ED 629 HA2 Strategic Planning for Public and Non-profit Organizations   $200
ED 629 HA3 Strategic Planning for Public and Non-profit Organizations   $200
ED 697 W1 (Summer) Dissertation Proposal Seminar   $200
ED 697 W2 Dissertation Proposal Seminar   $200
ED 697 W3 Dissertation Proposal Seminar   $200
ED 697 INT Dissertation Proposal Seminar   $500
ED 697 HA1 Dissertation Proposal Seminar   $200
Electrical Engineering (LEE)    
EE 140 Scientific Programming for EE   $115
EE 222 Mechatronics   $115
EE 241 Digital Design   $115
EE 247 Programming for Embedded Applications   $115
EE 252 Electronics II   $115
EE 271 Semiconductor Devices   $50
EE 283 Electrical Measurement Lab   $115
EE 285 Electrical Measurement Lab   $115
EE 314 Control Systems   $115
EE 339 Engineering Electromagnetics II   $115
EE 342 Microcomputer Oper & Des   $150
EE 345 Computer Organization   $115
EE 381 Microfabrication Lab   $115
EE 382 Modern Communication Lab   $115
EE 391 Senior Projects I   $115
EE 392 Senior Projects II   $125
EE 298, 398 Special Topics   $125
EE 442 (Graduate Course)   $50
EE 445 (Graduate Course)   $125
EE 481 Microfabrication Lab (Graduate Course)   $115
Engineering (LEGR)    
EGR 222 Mechatronics   $115
EGR 391 Senior Projects I   $125
EGR 392 Senior Projects II   $125
Engineering Management (LEGM)    
EGM 391 Senior Projects I   $125
EGM 392 Senior Projects II   $125
Environmental Engineering (LENV)    
ENV 315 Soils   $115
ENV 323 Hydrology   $115
ENV 330 Water Quality   $115
ENV 332 Air Quality   $115
ENV 350 Water and Waste Water Treatment   $115
ENV 391 Senior Projects I   $125
ENV 392 Senior Projects II   $125
Earth & Environmental Sciences (LEES)    
EES 105 Planet Earth   $115
EES 213 Climate Modeling   $115
EES 230 Ocean Science   $115
EES 240 Principles of Environmental Science   $115
EES 251 Synoptic Meteorology   $115
EES 280 Principles of Astronomy   $115
EES 198, 298, 398 Topics   $115
EES 341 Freshwater Ecosystems BIO 341 Freshwater Ecosystems $140
EES 343 Marine Ecology BIO 343 Marine Ecology $140
EES 344 Ecology BIO 344 Ecology $140
EES 366 Field Botany BIO 366 Field Botany $140
EES 391 Senior Projects I GEO 391 Senior Projects I $125
EES 392 Senior Projects II GEO 392 Senior Projects II $125
EES 394 Field Study   $115
Geology (LEES)    
GEO 103 Introduction to Geology Lab   $115
GEO 212 Historical Geology   $115
GEO 281 Mineralogy   $115
GEO 282 Petrology   $115
GEO 198/298/398   $115
GEO 345 Stratigraphy & Sedimentation   $115
GEO 349 Structure & Tectonics   $115
GEO 351 Paleoclimatology   $115
GEO 352 Hydrogeology   $115
GEO 370 Geomorphology   $115
GEO 380 Geology Field Camp Course (Summer Only)   $2,720
GEO 388 Regional Studies   $115
GEO 390 Applied Geophysics   $115
GEO 391 Senior Projects I   $125
GEO 392 Senior Projects II   $125
Geographic Information Science (LEES)    
GIS 271 Environmental Mapping I   $120
GIS 272 Environmental Mapping II   $120
GIS 301 GIS Applications & Colloquia   $120
GIS 310 Programming and Customization   $120
GIS 315 Web GIS   $120
GIS 320 Introduction to Geospatial Modeling   $120
Mechanical Engineering (LME)    
ME 140 Scientific Programming   $115
ME 175 Machining   $115
ME 180 CADD Lab   $115
ME 314 Inverse Problems   $115
ME 315 Programmable Logic Controllers   $115
ME 317 Robotics   $115
ME 323 Fluid Mechanics Lab   $115
ME 326 Heat Transfer Lab   $115
ME 330 Vibrations Lab   $115
ME 335 Finite Element Methods   $115
ME 337 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Engineering   $115
ME 343 Additive Manufacturing   $115
ME 347 Thin Film Manufacturing   $115
ME 380 Advanced CADD   $115
ME 384 Mechanical Design Lab   $115
ME 391 Senior Projects I   $125
ME 392 Senior Projects II   $125
ME 398 Special Topics   $125
ME 498 Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering   $115
Nursing (LNSG)    
NSG 210 Principles of Nursing, Individual, Family & Community   $370
NSG 214 Pathophysiology for Professional Nurses   $230
NSG 235 Med Surg I   $200
NSG 237 Med Surg II   $200
NSG 330 Nursing Practice I   $658
NSG 331 Nursing Practice II   $50
NSG 332 Nursing Practice III   $967
NSG 340 Advanced Care Concepts   $300
NSG 345 Senior Practicum   $1,144
Graduate Nursing (LNPL)    
NSG 506 Advanced Practice in Adult-Gerontology Clinical I   $26
NSG 515 Advanced Practice in Adult-Gerontology Clinical II   $26
NSG 535 Advanced Practice in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing I   $26
NSG 536 Advanced Practice in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing II   $26
NSG 563 Nurse Executive Practicum I   $26
NSG 564 Nurse Executive Practicum II   $26
NSG 544 Classroom Practicum in Nursing Education   $26
NSG 545 Clinical Practicum in Nursing Education   $26
NSG 546 Family Nurse Practitioner Clinical I   $26
NSG 547 Family Nurse Practitioner Clinical II   $26
NSG 549 Family Nurse Practitioner Clinical with Children and Families   $26
NSG 568 Nursing Informatics Practicum I   $26
NSG 569 Nursing Informatics Practicum II   $26
NSG 608a Professional Liability Fee   $26
NSG 608a Scholarly Project   $0
NSG 608b - Scholarly Project (dissertation binding/Pro. Liability fee)   $48
NSG 630 Professional Liability fee   $26
NSG 631 Professional Liability fee   $26
NSG 631 Dissertation (Binding)   $48
AHA Course Fee (ELN5) 1258-314-5187-100    
NSG 117 Basic Life Support Renewal   $100
NSG 217 Basic Life Support Renewal   $100
NSG 317 Advanced Life Support   $50
Pharmacy (Professional Fees)    
Insurance Malpractice (Pharmacy)   $26
PHA 462 Hemp Biology and Analysis BIO 363 Hemp Biology and Analysis $140
Professional Fee - P1   $700
Professional Fee - P2   $700
Professional Fee - P3   $700
Professional Fee - P4   $700
Physics (LPHY)    
PHY 105 Concepts in Physics   $50
PHY 171 Princ Of Classical and Modern Physics   $115
PHY 174 App of Classical and Modern Physics   $115
PHY 204 General Physics I Lab   $115
PHY 205 General Physics II Lab   $115
PHY 206 Modern Physics Lab   $115
EGR 214 Linear Systems   $115
PHY 374 Imaging in Biomedicine   $115
PHY 391 Senior Projects I   $115
PHY 392 Senior Projects II   $115
Psychology (LPSY)    
PSY 200 Statistics (If offered online; no fee for face to face)   $40
PSY 300 Research Design and Stat II   $45
PSY 311 Behavioral Neuroscience   $35
PSY 399 Internship Experience   $82
PSY 400 Senior Capstone   $65
PSY 401 Applied Capstone   $25
Theatre Laboratory (LTHE)    
THE 190 Theater Laboratory   $75
Sidhu School of Business & Leadership    
Personal and Professional Devlopment (PPD) Fee   $35
Technology (Simulation & Testing Fee)   $50

Refund Schedule


Cancellation of Enrollment

Time of Withdrawal

On or before the first day of classes

Tuition and Fees

The University will cancel 100% of the tuition charges and fees, less a deposit of $300, if written notice of cancellation is received by Student Services and the Office of the Registrar on or before the first day of classes. Failure to submit proper written notification will result in the assessment of full charges.

Time of Withdrawal

Policy guidelines for refunds processed after the first day of classes are as follows.

Tuition and Fees

Students who withdraw from Wilkes University will be entitled to an adjustment of tuition according to the following schedule:

Fall and Spring Semester First week 100%
Second week 75%  
Third week 50%  
Fourth week 25%  
After the Fifth week No Refund  
Summer Sessions Pre-Session, Session I & Session II: first week 50%
Evening Session: first two weeks 50%  
After stated period, all sessions No refund  
Change from Full-time to Part-time Status and Reduction of Part-time Load See schedule for Total Withdrawal Adjusted charges are based on the number of credits remaining after the change of status or reduction of course load. Changing from full-time to part-time may also affect the financial aid package.

Refund Schedule*(ABBA Program)

Withdrawal or Drop Date Based on Percentage of Course Completion Tuition Adjustment (Less Fees*)
0-13% course completion (includes first class session for all courses) 100%
14-20% course completion 75%
21-27% course completion 50%
28% course completion- end of term 0%

*All fees charged by the university are non-refundable

Room and Board


Fees and Deposits The student shall pay the full cost of housing, dining, and deposits upon the receipt of an invoice from the University. For current and resuming students, we are not currently charging a housing deposit. For entering first year and transfer students, your housing deposit is included in your overall admissions deposit; no additional deposit is required with this agreement.

Refund Policy Cancellations are governed by the terms as outlined in the Student Handbook. Failure of the student to occupy the reserved residence hall by the first day of classes of either semester without prior written notification to the University will result in forfeiture of the room without refund of the housing deposit. All refunds of housing and dining charges are governed by the Refund Policy as defined in the current Student Handbook.

Reflecting the Wilkes University Refund policy, students will be entitled to a full refund if they withdraw or are approved to cancel their housing contracts before or during the first week of classes. Students will receive a 75% refund in their second week of classes,50% in their third week, and 25% refund of room and board charges at their fourth week. Students are responsible for the full room and board charges at the fifth week of classes and beyond. The Director of Residence Life or her designee can make exceptions refunding any unused portion of paid rental fees for students called into active military service or who withdrawal for reasons beyond their control.


All resident students are required to participate in one of the Colonel Dining Plans below. The dining plan is for the sole and exclusive use of the student who contracts for the service. The student’s official photo identification card is the only acceptable method used to gain access to the dining facilities. Meal Plan options are based on the food service provider. Please refer to Dining Services for additional information.

  • First year resident students (students who have not previously been enrolled full-time in college or have earned fewer than 24 credits) must choose the Colonel Gold, Colonel Gold Plus, or Colonel Gold Premier plans only.
  • Sophomore & Junior resident students may choose between Colonel Gold, Gold Plus, Gold Premier, Blue, Blue Plus, or Blue Premier plans.
  • Senior resident students (90+ credits) may choose among any Colonel plan or the Senior Value Plan.

Dining plan changes to Fall semester contracts are not permitted after August 1. Dining plan changes for Spring semester are permitted only during the official dining plan change period of October 1 through November 15.

Dining plan selections are contracted for the full academic year, with the exceptions for change requests noted above. Unused Dining/Flex Dollars will be carried over from the Fall semester to the Spring semester, but will not be carried over to the next academic year. At the end of the Spring Semester all unused swipes/Dining/Flex dollars will be eliminated and are not refunded. Dining plan cancellations will follow the same refund schedule as housing assignments.


Military Leave Refund Policy

A student in the military reserves who is called into active status on an emergency basis and cannot complete course work for a given semester

  1. will receive an automatic late withdrawal in each course with full tuition and fee refund if call-up is within the first 12 weeks of the semester; and
  2. may elect to receive an incomplete in each course or receive a W in each course with a full tuition and fee refund, if call-up is during the thirteenth or fourteenth week of the semester. Ordinarily, the incompletes are to be finished during the semester the student returns to classes.

Room and board charges will be adjusted according to the refund schedule. The student should present his or her orders to the Office of Student Affairs. If the student does not yet have written orders, he or she will have 60 days in which to present the orders. A family member or friend may bring a copy of the orders in the student’s absence. If this deadline is not met, a grade of “0.000” will be recorded for each course in which the student remains enrolled, and he or she will not be eligible to receive a refund.

Veterans Benefits

Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018

The University complies with the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018 (38 USC 3679(e)), and will not impose any penalty, including the assessment of late fees, the denial of access to classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities, or the requirement that a covered individual borrow additional funds, on any covered individual because of the individual’s inability to meet his or her financial obligations to the institution due to the delayed disbursement of a payment by the VA under chapter 31 or 33 veteran educational assistance entitlement.

All Covered Individuals (anyone who is entitled to educational assistance under chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, or chapter 33, Post-9/11 GI Bill® benefits) are requested to provide a written request of use of these entitlements and will be permitted to attend or participate in the course of education beginning on the date on which the individual provides to the educational institution a certificate of eligibility for entitlement to educational assistance under chapter 31 or 33 (a “certificate of eligibility” can also include a “Statement of Benefits” obtained from the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) website e-Benefits, or a VAF 28-1905 form for chapter 31 authorization purposes). The Certificate of Eligibility or Statement of Benefits is required to be submitted no later than the first day of courses for which an individual wishes to use the individual’s entitlement to education assistance in order to provide proper and timely certification and disbursement of VA funding. Additionally, all covered individuals will be required to provide any and all additional information necessary to complete the proper certification of enrollment by the institution within 10 days of notice.

This policy does not prevent the University from requiring that the difference between the amount of the student’s financial obligation and the amount of the VA education benefit disbursement be satisfied.

‘GI Bill®’ is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.