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University Bulletins | Main Page

University Bulletins | Main Page

Current Bulletins

What is the Bulletin?

The Wilkes University Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins, also known as Catalogs, are primarily intended for use by currently enrolled and prospective students, faculty, advisors, and staff. The bulletins provide an overview of the University’s curriculum, academic programs and courses, facilities, and educational resources. They also include University academic policies, regulations, and procedures; information about degree and certificate programs, including degree requirements; and a listing and description of courses.

Which Bulletin Should I Use?

  • The requirements specified in each Bulletin apply to students who begin their studies at Wilkes University during the academic year listed on the Bulletin, and who remain in continuous enrollment at the institution until they graduate.
  • If requirements are changed, students may elect to comply with the new requirements as listed in a later Bulletin, or to remain under the requirements of the original Bulletin published upon their matriculation.
  • Students must choose to follow one Bulletin in its entirety. They cannot mix the General Education requirements of one Bulletin year, with the major requirements of another.

How Often Are the Bulletins Updated?

The Undergraduate Bulletin and Graduate Bulletin are published online annually in the summer for the upcoming academic year.  Although course offerings and academic requirements at Wilkes University are continually under examination and revision, the Bulletins are updated only once per year.  This annual revision procedure helps ensure that users of the Bulletins will not find unexpected changes during their academic planning processes.

Previous Bulletins

Bulletins prior to the 2022-2023 academic year can be obtained in PDF format from the undergraduate and graduate archive pages. Archived bulletins for the 2022-2023 academic year and later can be found by selecting the requested year from the catalog dropdown at the top of this page.


Please contact the Registrar’s Office with any questions at registrar@wilkes.edu.